In mid July, mom and dad noticed Eli was tilting his head often and, even after being told to straighten it, it would just go back to that position. Mom, being the wonderful caretaker she is, took him to his pediatrician who was concerned and referred her to an eye doctor and a neurologist. The eye doctor discovered Eli does has poor vision and suggested glasses, but didn’t think it was the reason for the head tilt. Fortunately, the neurologist was able to also see him quickly, and although didn’t feel concern, did send him for an MRI. The MRI, however, told a different story. By early August, Eli was quickly diagnosed with a large mass on his brain stem and sent immediately to Miami Cancer Institute.

Eli, and his family, have a long road ahead of them and we know there is a huge community out there just waiting to share their burdens, and pour love and grace all over them.

January 26, 2022                   Avastin Treatment Update

After almost a week later from getting the Avastin Eli has had some improvements!

He is using his left hand more. Hasn’t taken as many naps. Swallowing better. Singing. He has been able to repositions himself. Climbed from couch to floor by himself and overall more energy.

He took some steps unassisted by himself while singing “this boy is on fire!” 🔥 Eli has his next Avastin treatment scheduled for 2/2.

Please pray that he would continue to have his symptoms improved and specifically that his double vision would go away. He is having to wear an eye patch that is getting a little tiresome.

If you haven’t received a Hope for Eli bracelet we have them available to be picked up at Community of Hope Church 14055 Okeechobee Blvd. Loxahatchee 33470. If you are unable to stop by the church and need a bracelet mailed you can email Shelly@communityofhope.church or Jessica@communityofhope.church your name and address and we send it in the mail.


Our Superhero: MRI Scheduled

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