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A Foundation Dedicated to Ovarian Cancer and Pediatric Brain Cancer

Increase Education, Provide Support, and Raise Awareness for Women and Children
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Our favorite Hero has a scheduled MRI tomorrow morning. Please pray for a smooth drive to Miami and most of all that his MRI shows God’s handy work! Lord we will praise you in this storm! Heal our boy. Amen.
~Rachel Paine (Eli’s Mom)

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Volunteering is a great way to help the M Family Foundation’s mission of helping those battling ovarian cancer and pediatric cancer. Whether you have a few hours a week or a few hours a month, we invite you to share your time and talents!


The M Family Foundation’s Cancer Superhero race returns as an in-person event in 2022! Grab your friends, coworkers, and family and join us once again in Downtown Celebration, Florida, on Sunday, September 25, 2022.

Make sure to follow up on Facebook for more race updates!  If interested in sponsorship opportunities, please click on the link below!


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At the M Family Foundation, our goal is to raise awareness, increase education, and provide financial support to women battling ovarian cancer and children battling pediatric cancer.

“Our family has been personally and deeply affected by Ovarian and Pediatric Cancers. We have been inspired to fight alongside those still fighting and mourn alongside those who are mourning. We believe that where much is given, much is required. We know that we accomplish the most by working together with our friends, family, and community by serving those in need with kindness, charity, and hope.”

David A. Marcantel, MD, Kelly M. McCarthy, and Thomas W. Meury

– M Family Foundation Founders

Latest Message

Annual Cancer Superhero Race

September 25, 2022: 6th Annual Celebration Cancer Superhero Race back in-person in beautiful Celebration, Florida.

Awareness. Education. Support.

The M Family raises awareness through education and supportiveness through education and provides support to women and children fighting ovarian and pediatric cancer. Too many women and children are losing their lives to these fatal cancers. We are committed to remembering their stories and saying their names for those we have lost.

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