M Family Moments – June 2023


(Orlando, FL) We have an exciting update on our little warrior, Traviana, whom we introduced last month. The brave girl diagnosed with DIPG has been accepted into a specialized treatment program in Miami!

Thanks to the unwavering support of donors, the M Family Foundation was able to provide transportation and hotel accommodations during their stay in Miami. Even more exciting than their travel, because of the wonderful partnerships with DIPG focused nonprofits, Traviana was able to meet Cali in person after months of FaceTime and phone conversations!

Together, we are making a difference in this little girl’s life, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your continued support on this journey.

(Panhandle, FL) Days before her 30th birthday, devastating news struck: a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Cancer seemed unimaginable, especially in her 20s. Her world shattered in an instant, but with her family’s unwavering presence, she found strength to stand. Residing in Florida’s panhandle offered limited ovarian cancer care options, with Mobile, AL, being the closest at 1.5 hours away.

Over two years, she made 126 trips there for treatments, scans, and surgeries. Now in her third year, she continues frequent visits for check-ups. As a middle school teacher navigating a pandemic, financial strain loomed. With such a high rate for reoccurrence, it is important for Sonja to be mindful of her physical and mental health.

Your donations offer hope, easing her journey with relief from medical expenses and providing her with an opportunity to enjoy a Health & Wellness Retreat for women with Ovarian Cancer to continue to advance her healing journey

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