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The M Family Foundation was founded in 2017 to fund research, promote early detection, educate the community, and assist families impacted by Ovarian or Pediatric Cancer.


The M Family Foundation was founded in 2017 to promote early detection, educate the community, and assist families impacted by Ovarian or Pediatric Cancer.

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If we can even save ONE life and help ONE family struggling with these deadly cancers, we have achieved our goal.



M Family Foundation’s 4th Annual


VIRTUAL 2020 Celebration Cancer Superhero Run: -The Recap and Thank You!       


Last year, we were able to connect with more people than ever before to raise awareness, increase education, and provide financial support to the brave women and children who are battling Ovarian and Pediatric Cancer. While the Covid-19 Pandemic provided us with many challenges, we didn’t let that stop us! We ran together in spirit for our first ever Virtual Cancer Superhero Run. Throughout the month of September, we celebrated survivors who have won their fight as well as those who shine on through their loved ones.


        We want to thank everybody that participated in our 4th Annual Cancer Superhero Run. We considered canceling our event last year because of COVID-19, but when our honoree Michael Daniel Santana Carrion lost his battle with cancer in July, we knew that we had to find a way to honor his legacy. Michael met adversity head-on with faith, love, and hope.


      “This year, I felt our annual event was more important than ever before! We had a late start and did very little marketing since the event had to be virtual. By mid-September, we did not seem to have much traction.Then I started praying. I prayed for all the women and children facing ovarian and pediatric cancer. I prayed for all the families that are facing this news. I prayed for all who have lost a family member. I prayed that we could touch others with our mission. I prayed that somehow we could make this year’s event our best yet. I prayed that we could honor Michael with more Superheroes than ever before! My prayers were answered. Our goal was to beat our 300 registered racers last year, and we did just that! Then our goal was to get 500 registered racers, and we did! Then we decided to go for 600 registrations to double last year’s numbers. Not only did we get 600 registrations, we surpassed it! Thank you to our patients, co-workers, sponsors, vendors, neighbors, and friends!” – Kelly McCarthy (Founder)


We truly appreciate your participation and hope to see your support in the future!


Honoree Spotlight: Michelle Owens

Michelle Owens

Meet Michelle Owens…

Michelle Owens, the beloved sister to our very own, Julie Owens VanDyke, is one of our race honoree’s. Michelle was a beautiful, kind, loving woman, with the ever-infectious SMILE

Michelle may have lost her battle with cancer, but her spirit is still very much alive within those of us who were fortunate enough to have known her.

Make the world a better place by showing YOUR “Smiles for Michelle”.




The M Family Foundation Distributes First Checks


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