Our Why

Ovarian and pediatric cancers are the two deadliest diseases facing women and children. Early detection and awareness are crucial in achieving successful diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

Who We Are

When a central Florida family experienced the tragic loss of three women to ovarian cancer and three children to pediatric cancer, they knew it was time to take action.

At M Family Foundation, we know life changes immediately for the entire family after a cancer diagnosis. Also, we understand each family has individualized needs depending on their situation.

Established in hope, the M Family Foundation provides tailored support for critically ill women, children and their families. While we do not have a cure, we can create moments that matter!

M Family Honorees

In celebration of their lives, we honor their memory by telling their story and the impact they made to everyone they knew!

Michelle Owens

1972 - 2016

Andrew Rypien

1995 - 1998

TJ Reilly

2003 - 2016

Noah Larkin

2003 - 2012

Michael Carrion

2008 - 2020


1960 - 2018

Nancy Janosco

1956 - 2021

Eli Paine

2015 - 2022

Cali Franklin

2016 - 2023

Traviana Sims

2017 - 2023

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Your Donations Make An Impact

"The gratitude I have for the M Family Foundation, the gift of time with our son, is something I will never be able to make out in words. When DIPG stole Eli from us the M Family Foundation stepped even closer in with us.

They are helping us keep Eli’s name alive and making sure we know how much Eli is loved and missed while also acknowledging our loss and the pain our other child feel. The M Family Foundation is a gift to families like ours and I am beyond thankful for the beautiful relationship we have."