M Family Moments – August 2023

In a vibrant celebration of community and compassion, the 3rd Annual Fallen Heroes Tattoathon made its mark as an unforgettable event that resonated with upbeat energy and heartfelt support. The event, held by Fallen Heroes Tattoo & Piercing, in support of the M Family Foundation, took place on Saturday, August 12, 2023, leaving a trail of inspiration, camaraderie, and record-breaking funds to aid families battling ovarian and pediatric cancers.

The Tattoathon buzzed with an atmosphere of positivity, as attendees came together to unite in the fight against cancer while enjoying a blend of fun music, creativity, and inked artistry. The event wasn’t just about tattoos; it was a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of collective action.

Tattoo artists, renowned for their talent and generosity, donated their time to etch meaningful symbols onto the skin of participants, each mark carrying a story of hope and resilience. With every tattoo, attendees demonstrated their commitment to supporting families navigating the challenges of cancer diagnoses. The funds raised surpassed all expectations, breaking previous records and setting a new standard for community-driven philanthropy.


Beyond the ink, the Tattoathon offered a range of engaging family activities. Participants, both young and young-at-heart, gathered and expressed themselves through art as a poignant reminder of the joy and importance of bonding amidst adversity. Laughter filled the air as families and friends painted their stories onto fabric, skin and sidewalks showing a unique emblem of shared strength. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, the event was graced by the generous contribution of “Brew Theory,” who provided beverages for the evening. Their tagline, “Experience the Unifying Theory of Beverage,” resonated perfectly with the event’s ethos of unity and shared purpose. The presence of Brew Theory enhanced the sense of community, making the Tattoathon an allencompassing experience that touched all the senses.

Special guests added an extra layer of significance to the event. Vivian Sleeth, a courageous DIPG fighter, and Kim Lamke, an ovarian cancer survivor, graced the occasion with their presence, accompanied by their families. Together, they embodied the spirit of resilience and hope, their journeys becoming a source of inspiration for everyone present.

As the sun set on the 3rd Annual Fallen Heroes Tattoathon, the memories of the day lingered as a reminder of the incredible impact a united community can make. The event highlighted that a combination of music, art, and unwavering support can uplift not only the spirits of those battling cancer but also the entire community that rallies behind them. With record-breaking funds raised, the M Family Foundation’s mission to directly aid families touched by ovarian and pediatric cancers received a significant boost, leaving a legacy of love, solidarity, and hope for years to come.

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