Achievement Unlocked: Honoring Michael Daniel

“My heart is heavy tonight with the news that Michael has gained his wings. I wanted him to have more time here to bless all of us with his brilliance, wit, charm, faith, kindness, love, and joy!
Tonight I see him running and playing and free from DIPG.”
Kelly McCarthy, Founder
M Family Foundation

Achievement Unlocked

By Idiana M. McGill and Bd McGill


Every day is a new celebration

Everyday is life unlocked.

When life is about the video games like for kids,

Achievements are unlocked….

4,556 days you unlocked achievement in our daily lives. On the 4,556’th day you unlocked the greatest achievement a believer can get. You gained your wings, you gained roads paved with gold, you unlocked paradise!
Michael, my son, my newly acquired angel;
your family loves you and will miss you physically.
Spiritually we know you are well taken care of with all of our loved ones.
You talk again, you walk again you soar through heaven with praises to our Lord!
It is with heavy heart that we let you know that Michael has gained his wings! Forever my Haggen Dazs, mi vaso de agua, mi churrasco, my gamer!
You fought valiantly and we are forever proud of you! You have earn the greatest achievement, HEAVEN!
M Family Foundation