Fallen Heroes Tattoo and Piercing: Major Impact in September

Fallen Heroes Tattoo and Piercing: Makes a Major Impact in September

By: Jill M. White, MFF Event Director

There is still a lot of good in this world. There are still real-life superheroes who find the courage to step up and help those in their time of need. United in their philanthropic passion of helping women and children struggling with ovarian and pediatric cancer, the timing of the Fallen Heroes and the M Family Foundation coming together this fall, seemed quite serendipitous.

The Fallen Heroes Tattoo & Piercing company originated in Colorado Springs, Colorado where Dave and Brenda Brown built their business with the foundation of helping others. The last 6 years, Fallen Heroes has cemented its spot as America’s largest tattoo studio and one of the most recognizable parlors in the world. In 2017, longtime family friend, Christian Buckingham, also a very well-known Tattooer with more than 20+ years of industry experience and best known for his appearances on the Ink Master reality TV series on Paramount, decided it was time to “pull the trigger” on the creation of another studio. One where there was a geographic commonality between Colorado Springs, CO and Richmond, VA. After David and Brenda’s eldest son Jake invited the team to check out central Florida, everything quickly fell into place for the Fallen Heroes to expand.

“When we showed up in Kissimmee, it felt like a massive no brainer. Old Town, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Universal, and the absolute beauty of the area comprised of many cultures, people from all over the world and an absolute TON of potential made the area really appealing.”, said Dave Brown, Fallen Heroes Owner. “It was the team’s first visit with a local realtor that really started things moving. An old Disney Gift Shop, pink walls, disgusting blue carpet, and tile straight out of 1975… you can say it was love at first site!”

After 4 quick months, the Fallen Heroes Tattoo and Piercing began preparation for their grand opening weekend but was missing one crucial element. “We started Fallen Heroes with the mission to help others. My mother died from ovarian cancer, so we set out to find a local charity where 100% of the money went to people that needed it.” David Brown, co-owner, and artist at Fallen Heroes Tattoo. While other charities scoffed at a potential partnership with a tattoo studio, the M Family Foundation embraced the concept.

Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers for women. Sadly, there is very little financial support available to those in need. “Women fighting for their lives should not be forced to also carry the burden of how to feed their children or keep the lights on. Our mission to raise awareness, increase education, and to provide direct financial support to women and children battling ovarian and pediatric cancer align perfectly with the goals of the Fallen Heroes. We are humbled and thrilled to have their support and look forward to many more years of great success ahead!” Kelly McCarthy, M Family Foundation Founder

Florida rocked their first annual Tattooathon by raising more than $12,000 for the M Family Foundation. The three-day event was led by Christian Buckingham and 14 Ink Masters and well-known tattooers from all over the world dedicating their time and talent to creating beautiful custom tattoos for patrons. The artists also participated in several drawing challenges where art pieces were created as part of a silent auction. To close out the event weekend, the Cornhole Challenge allowed local artists, the M Family Foundation, and the family members of past honorees to share in the fun. “We were so thrilled to have Michael’s family participate with us on the closing day of the event weekend. Michael was our 2019 Pediatric Cancer Honoree who sadly passed away from DIPG in July of 2020. Being able to honor him and to continue to share of his faith and spirit by raising money for those in need, was very special.” David A. Marcantel, MD, MFF Founder.

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