M Family Moments – February 2023

(Lakeland, FL):  #TeamTrippy: To know Tripp and the Nugent family is to love them.

In September, 6-year old Tripp was diagnosed with DIPG. He is always happy, and his bright smile brings joy to anyone who meets him. Tripp loves golfing, fishing, and attending sporting events.

He is receiving treatment at Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston which is a far way away from his friends, family and home but when Tripp is not receiving treatment, his parents are focused on making every moment they can enjoyable with him!

In January, we introduced Cali, a sweet 6-year-old, diagnosed with DIPG in October 2022. This was the big month, MFF had been planning a trip for her family to visit Snowcat Ridge in Tampa to fulfill Cali’s lifelong wish of making a snow angel.

Sadly, the day before they were supposed to leave, Cali’s grandmother passed away suddenly from a brain aneurism at 43 years old. This has been a devastating loss for a family that is already going through so much.

Over this past weekend, the trip was rescheduled and even included a couple surprise guests…June & Rachel (Eli Paine’s mother & sister). Rachel has been a tremendous support to Cali’s mother since learning of her diagnosis.

It has been a blessing to watch these families connect and form such a strong bond with one another. Everyone had a great time and Cali finally got to make a snow angel!

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