M Family Moments – October 2023

On Saturday, September 9th, an extraordinary fundraiser, Eli the Brave’s Birthday Benefit, unfolded in the auditorium at Palm Beach Central High School, dedicated to the late Eli Paine.

Known for his love of dance, playful jokes, and family fun, Eli faced the challenging journey of a DIPG diagnosis at the age of five. DIPG, a brain tumor affecting the brainstem in young children, became his relentless foe for two years until he courageously passed away at the tender age of seven.

In commemoration of what would have been Eli’s eighth birthday, his parents, Rachel and Christopher Paine, organized this heartfelt benefit to raise funds for DIPG research. Eli’s older sister, June, created shirts adorned with beautiful rainbows, ensuring that her brother’s memory was celebrated in vibrant colors. The event took place in September, aligning with Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, further emphasizing the importance of the cause.

The day unfolded with a mesmerizing magic show by Peter Boie, a childhood friend of Eli’s father, delivering a performance that captivated the audience. Both adults and children eagerly participated in the magic, making it a collective and engaging experience. As the show concluded, the excitement continued with raffle prizes awarded to the lucky holders of winning tickets.

Post-show, the auditorium’s atmosphere transformed into a lively dance party, echoing with joy and laughter, especially for the children present. Eli’s spirit of celebration and love was palpable, creating a heartwarming space for families to come together in support the DIPG community and research!

This poignant event not only honored the memory of Eli Paine but also highlighted the resilience and strength of families affected by pediatric cancer. It served as a testament to the power of community and the unwavering commitment to advancing research and support for those facing similar challenges.


In loving memory of Knina, a beautiful and loving soul who bravely faced the immense challenge of a DIPG. Despite the terminal nature of the condition, her family remained steadfast in their commitment to creating moments of joy and happiness for her. Although our paths never crossed during her life, we extend our deepest sympathies to Knina’s family as they mourn her loss.

In a spirit of support, the M Family Foundation partnered with NoahBrave and contributed to the funeral expenses, offering solace during this difficult time. Knina’s memory will forever be cherished, and her impact on those who knew her or felt connected to her through shared experiences will endure.

M Family Foundation