M Family Moments – Q1 2024 Newsletter

Our commitment to uplifting and inspiring others through the M Family Forever Funds remains stronger than ever. “Eli the Brave,” a fundraiser initiated by Rachel Paine in loving memory of her son Eli, aims to keep his spirited essence alive.

This year, Eli’s generous spirit graced Cali’s 6.5 birthday party with a special gift. Thanks to the Eli the Brave Funds, Cali experienced a day filled with smiles and joy, a true testament to Eli’s enduring impact. The M Family Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to celebrate life and spread love through heartfelt gestures like this one.

(The M Family Foundation takes immense pride in creating lasting memories for those facing challenging circumstances. Recently, we had the privilege of sending Jair, a young man battling terminal glioblastoma, to an electrifying MLS soccer match between Aston Villa FC and Fulham FC. Jair’s face lit up with joy as he witnessed the thrilling game, surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of cheering fans.

This unforgettable experience not only brought happiness to Jair and his family but also strengthened our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in their time of need.

Together, we can spread hope and create unforgettable moments!

M Family Foundation


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